November 30, 2020

New Ad: Michigan Leaders Held a Free and Fair Election

Today, Republicans for the Rule of Law (RRL) has launched a new ad across the state of Michigan as part of a $1 million campaign praising their Republican leaders for their swift and honest counting of ballots that ultimately named Joe Biden the President-elect of the United States. It is important to recognize those within the same party with steady judgment who deal in facts and aren’t afraid to stand up for America’s democratic norms in the face of outlandish claims about election fraud by President Trump, his administration, the RNC, and his congressional allies. This joins ad campaigns across the other key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Georgia, commending their state Republican legislators for their principled courage in upholding the election results.

New Ad: Michigan Leaders Held a Free and Fair Election

The new ad will play on digital platforms across the state of Michigan. In Pennsylvania and Georgia, ads aired on both television and digitally statewide in a variety of major markets.

“While Republican leaders continue to push conspiracy theories on the national stage, it is important to acknowledge that these are not facts,” said Sarah Longwell, spokeswoman of RRL. “We support these principled Republican state legislators for fighting against the erosion of public trust in our institutions.”

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