January 8, 2021

New Video: Footage and Interviews with Capitol Rioters

Republicans for the Rule of Law (RRL) calls for the immediate removal of President Trump from office with a new video containing never-before-scene footage and interviews with members of the mob of violent thugs who ransacked the U.S. Capitol, the symbol of our democracy, to interfere with a free and fair election.

The ad highlights Trump’s own words to the crowd that clearly instigated the following siege. It has been widely reported that members of the cabinet are considering using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, and multiple members of Congress have called for impeachment. This new video footage provides evidence of the president’s incitement of an attack on the seat of government. Many echoed Trump’s claims of “fraud” and corruption.  One member of the crowd says, “The time to act is now. We know that the military is on our side right now. We know that these people are ready to go. Do I think Biden will be in office? No I do not. Because these people, including myself, will not allow it to happen. We will come together as a militia like our Founding Fathers said we could and crush tyranny.”

“For years, Donald Trump has encouraged white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and others itching to commit acts of political violence,” said Sarah Longwell, Spokeswoman of RRL. “Now, at his instigation, they’ve finally done it, and their targets were the representatives of the American people. This was an insurrection. An attack on America. He needs to go. Now.”