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Presidential Accountability Project

Neither the president, nor Congress, nor the courts can have unlimited power. But tomorrow, President Trump’s attorneys will tell the Supreme Court that the president is immune from all accountability. The Supreme Court – and we the people – must defend the future of our democracy and reject the president’s extreme arguments.

President Trump is not above the law.

Every time one part of the government – Congress, the courts, the states – tries to hold President Trump accountable, he tells them he’s only accountable to another part of the government. But who that is keeps changing, so in the end President Trump never concedes accountability to anyone.

A foundational principle of our democracy is that everyone – from ordinary citizens to the president – must follow the law. But President Trump and his lawyers are playing a shell game with the states, Congress, and the courts. Whenever one entity tries to hold the president accountable, he insists that only another entity can do so, but then turns around and claims that the second entity has no power over him, either. This strategy, aimed at lifting the presidency entirely above the law, has been consistent and, so far, unchecked throughout the Trump Administration. Examples of this strategy are compiled here.

  • President Trump has told federal judges that the presidency entitles him to immunity from any form of investigation.
  • He has argued Congress has no oversight power over presidents and that the only way presidents can be investigated is via impeachment.
  • At the same time, President Trump has also argued that it is impossible for Congress to impeach him for refusing to cooperate with its investigations unless they go to court… where President Trump claims immunity.
  • Meanwhile, the president has also argued that he has complete immunity from state investigators.

President Trump’s arguments fundamentally undermine the system of checks and balances designed by the framers to ensure neither the president, nor Congress, nor the courts could have unlimited power. And when put together, they create a world in which presidents are immune to all accountability.

The goal of The Presidential Accountability Project is to expose the danger President Trump’s posture poses to the future of American democracy. If the courts and the American people don’t reject the president’s extreme arguments, future presidents will have unchecked power to do what they want without fear of accountability or oversight from Congress or the courts.

Protect Democracy and Republicans for the Rule of Law have partnered to remind President Trump that he is not above the law, and that he is subject to both congressional and judicial oversight – just as our Founding Fathers intended.