February 8, 2020

RRL Thanks Mitt Romney for his Courage

Following the Senate impeachment vote, RRL launched a campaign thanking Sen. Romney for standing up for the rule of law. This ad will ran statewide in Utah on Fox News five times daily for a week. And two digital billboards (see content here) were up for a week in Salt Lake City. See coverage in the Huffington Post.

RRL director Bill Kristol appeared on the 11th Hour with Brian Williams and discussed Romney’s vote, and┬álegal advisor Phil Heimlich had an op-ed in Morning Consult about the impeachment trial.┬áLegal advisor Chris Gagin had a letter-to-the-editor arguing that Congressional oversight, in particular the calling of witnesses in the Ukraine scandal, does not end with the Senate’s vote to disallow testimony in the impeachment trial. The letter has run in a number of newspapers around the country.